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New to sublimation?? Looking for a refresher?? Want to see what its all about?? With the assistance of Sawgrass Technologies Inc, AGS now presents a comprehensive range of How to Sublimate: Tutorials online for your viewing.

Over the past few months Sawgrass Technologies Inc. have been working hard to create and updated the step-by-steo 'how to' videos for sublimation.


Viewing through YouTube, the tutorials are now available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. The YouTube videos are all captioned in the supported languages (you may need to select the 'CC' button on the bottom right of the YouTube screen whilst playing the video if your web browser doesn't load your language automatically).

The new 'How To' guides include; acrylic panels, ceramic tiles, fibre reinforced plastic products, ChromaLuxe and metals, mugs, glass, plastics, polyester fabrics, t-shirts and wood products.

Each tutorial page features a link to the YouTube clip as well as a link to our Dye-Sublimation Pressing Instructions which gives detailed guidelines on the recommended times, tempertures and pressure for each product as well as a range of tips and tricks.


View the tutorials now and start sublimating!!




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