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Prior to being acquired by AGS in July 2009, Australian Signage & Industrial Plastics (ASIP) is a recognised industry leader providing industrial plastic products. The ASIP acquisition provided AGS with an established import distributor of solid sheet plastics that included flexible / rigid / semi rigid plastic sheets made from a range of raw materials including aluminium and polyethylene composites, thermoplastic polymers (polycarbonates), polypropylene, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and Polymethyl methacrylates (Acrylic). These products are distributed into a variety of industries including building, packaging, glazing, display, industrial fabrication.  End use applications include signage and visual graphics, waterproofing, tank linings, ventilation hoods, electrical switchboards, pylon signage, sky lights, car windshields, machine guards, aquariums, fascia, vending machines, and safety visors.

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Prior to being acquired by AGS in April 2010, Power Digital was Australia's leading distributor of small format dye-sublimation and heat transfer products, and the Queensland distributor for Mimaki Digital Printers.  The assets acquired and broad product complimented the extensive range of products already distributed by AGS and ASI Plastics.

As a result of the acquisition, AGS is an Authorised Reseller for the market leading Sawgrass Dye-Sublimation inks, the UniSub sublimation products, Magic Touch laser transfer media, Proma Thermal Transfer vinyls, Insta heat presses and DigiCoat sublimation coatings.

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